Child Karate Kid Skeleton Suit

Child Karate Kid Skeleton Suit

Cobra Kai!Sometimes a teacher is just bad.

And when that teacher is a karate sensei, you know things are going to go down hill. For the community, for his students, for the sensei himself.

Because when there is a bad sensei, you can be sure he is teaching his students that mercy is for the weak.That's why teaching children to do the right thing at a young age is such an important thing to do.

You have to teach your kid that helping people in need is right. You need to teach him that you don't pick on people that are smaller than you.


or pick on people at all. You must show them that you don’t use your strength against people, but rather for them.

Doing this will make you a good sensei.This Halloween let your kid be a good Cobra Kai.

Let him dress up in this Child Karate Kid Skeleton Suit, just don’t let him learn from a bad teacher. Be his Mr.

Miyagi. He will have fun with the art of karate, and you will know that he isn't going to try beating up some poor kid.

Show him how to wax on and off, but don't teach him that mercy is for the week. The Cobra Kai weren't bad kids, they just had a bad sensei.

So be the sensei your Cobra Kai son needs. Be Miyagi for your karate kid.

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