Child Jolly Giraffe Costume

Child Jolly Giraffe Costume

Is your kiddo ready to be the jolliest creature in the animal kingdom? Well, then you’ve got to ask yourself, what animal always seems to be looking up?

Hmm. It’s not a riddle or anything, we think the answer is very clear.

The answer is, of course, a giraffe! This majestic animal always has its head in the clouds.

Let your kiddo run around wearing this Jolly Giraffe Costume for Halloween and watch how high his spirits rise.If your little one is super into zoo animals, this easy to slip-on jumpsuit will be the perfect guise to gallop around for Halloween.

Or maybe he’s got a school play coming up and he needs to take on the lead role of the Jolly Giraffe! Well then, HELLOO!

This costume was literally made for the part. Once your little long neck is all suited up he’ll be ready to make friends with the rest of the herbivores in the savannahs and woodlands.

Soon enough he’ll be hanging out with a rag-tag group compiled of a British buffalo, a zealous zebra, a rough-riding rhino, and a worrisome warthog. Even with all these whacky characters your little Jolly Giraffe will still steal the spotlight and be the crowd favorite this Halloween.

Everyone love’s someone with an upbeat attitude, and giraffes are as up as they get in the animal kingdom!Give your little one a most memorable Halloween this year when he gets to dress up as the happiest mammal in the wild.

And as an added plus you may even finally get a chance to trim the trees down a bit when your Jolly Giraffe builds up an appetite!

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