Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

Child Grease Pink Ladies Jacket

In the PinkIt's fun to have a crew, whether your little one's cliche is on the top of the school hierarchy or they focus more on singing into hairbrushes behind closed doors. Flying solo just isn't as much fun.

When you're solo, there's no one to hear the juicy secrets your child might have about her summer in the sun. And while these days the secrets are limited to who cheated in the swimming races at summer camp and which neighbor girl she saw sneaking out of her window at night, gossip is gossip.

Any cliche would be happy to have your child but not every cliche has the classy, coordinated look of the legendary Pink Ladies!Product Details and DesignIs your kiddo ready to join her very own crew?

No problem! Now your little girl can cruise around in her very own Pink Ladies Jacket, made exclusively by us to look just like the style worn by Rizzo and the bunch in the classic film, Grease!

It's made out of shimmering pink satin polyester material and printed the group's name on the back in big letters. Paired with sleek black pants and the included pink scarf your little one will look like she's a (very) young Freshmen from Rydell High!

And hey, if she's not teaming up with a crew of her peers, we have sizes for the whole family so she'll never have to go it alone!That Fifties FeelingSo, whether your little one is heading out with her crew for a decade themed night of trick-or-treating or your whole family is headed to a car show at your local drive-in, this costume will be one for the books.

If you want everyone to be included in the fifties fun, dress up her brother as one of the Greasers. These kids look like they know how to rock and roll!

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