Child Fleece Bat Costume

Child Fleece Bat Costume

We all know what your kid’s friends say at school; they go on and on about how a certain bat “man” is the coolest out there and there is no bat-like creature that could ever be as cool. Well, it's time for him to make his friends’ brains explode!

Just wait until they see him in this Child Fleece Bat Costume, they’ll eat their words faster than they can say “echolocation.” They will crown your kiddo king of all bat creatures to ever fly the planet.

But the thing is, superheroes can fly, drive really cool cars, and have a special signal and everything, so your kid will probably want to learn how to fly at least. Tell him to start flapping his arms--oops, we mean wings--and start building up his strength.

At least it’s likely to also tire him out in the process!The thing is, it won’t matter if his friends find him cool--he will be giddy with glee from the inside out at the chance to dress and flap like his favorite animal.

And that’s worth its weight in..


He also gets to be the coziest kid on the block. So while his pals shiver in their latex superhero costumes he stays toasty warm in this fleece hooded jumpsuit.

Add a pair of black gloves and he’s ready to head out at dusk tonight, circling the houses for candy, using an innate sense to guide him. He bound to be the coolest bat boy in town this Halloween!

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