American Horror Story Adult Twisty The Clown Mouth Attachmen

American Horror Story Adult Twisty The Clown Mouth Attachmen

Here is a question: Do you think that Edward Mordrake made the right decision by collecting Twisty's soul? Well, hm.


let us think on that. Twisty was an insane serial murderer who liked to collect people and hold them captive in a bus so he could make them laugh.

Yea, um..

.we would say that is pretty deranged.

But it also sounds like a perfectly petrifying Halloween costume for you! Why not become the scariest clown of all time (and truly, there have been a few to choose from) when you wear this licensed American Horror Story Adult Twisty The Clown Mouth Attachment.

But trust us, you do not want to see what is under the mouth mask..

.really, you don't want to know!

We’ll give you a hint: it’s sure ain’t cotton candy!

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