Adult Zebra Yumio

A yumio for youWell, guess what? It's zebra time.

And no, no, no, we're not talking about hopping on a flight over to Africa to join a pack of wild zebras out in the great wild. Nope, we have an idea that's much more chill in mind.

Very relaxing. And trendy.

And stylish. And it actually involves a pair of pajamas!

Yes, that's right, pajamas! No, we're not pulling your leg.

Because we're talking about an exciting new invention. The Yumio.

And, to be a little more specific, this zebra Yumio. It's a costume.

It's pajamas. And it's a most excellent way to get your stripes!

Design and detailsThis adult pajama suit is an authentic I love yumio product. A hundred percent polyester, it has a super soft plush feel that will keep you warm and cozy.

Button closures secure the front for easy on and off. The hood features three-dimensional zebra facial features like a nose, and mane, and the feature embroidered details.

Designed to be extra baggy and sized for adults, it's designed to fit most people between 5’ and 6’ tall, up to 240 pounds.Wear 'em anywhereSure, wearing this zebra yumio is a fantastic idea for any costume event, but we can think of all kinds of other spots where they'd be fun to wear.

Wear them at home for a comfy around the house look, or even get a little more bold! Wear them to school, to work, out to the mall.

Heck, you could even wear them to the zoo--there's bound to be some other zebras there! Truth be told, everybody loves a fun zebra, so wear this Yumio wherever you like and you're sure to make some new friends.

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