Adult Superman Costume Hoodie

Adult Superman Costume Hoodie

When was the last time you saw an actual phone booth in todays world? Yeah, us either.

So, imagine Clark Kents dilemma now that cell phones have overtaken the planet and phone booths have pretty much disappeared. He still needs to be able to change quickly, but he cant always guarantee it will be easy.

Thus, this Adult Superman Costume Hoodie proves a lovely middle ground for Clark. He can zip it over his everyday wear in the event that he cant find a booth, or he can zip it up on laundry day when his super suit is in the wash he suddenly needs to fight some bad guys.

This top has all the details of his superhero gear, but packed into a comfortable hooded sweatshirt design. That means he can wear it while fighting Lex Luthor, or when he's taking a stroll in the park.

So if you were contemplating whether this costume hoodie is authentic enough for you, I have to ask you: if its good enough for Clark, shouldnt it be good enough for you?No offense, or anything, but the guy is freaking Superman, after all.

Even though we know you wont wear this blue zip-front hoodie to protect the planet from evil, we do think youll be prone to grab for it anytime you need to infuse your day with a little supercharged energy. And if you see any phone booths, text the location to Clark.

Hes compiling a database of still standing structures..

.just in case.

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