Adult Naked Hillbilly Faux Real Morphsuit

Adult Naked Hillbilly Faux Real Morphsuit

There's a lot of things you might be called while running around the party scene in this goofy Morphsuit: A real redneck, a ridge runner, denizen of the doublewide, hick, a slack-jawed yokel, a country bumpkin, clodhopper, rube, dirt farmer, disinvited to your girlfriend's grandma's Sunday dinner, lout,  or even a ruffian. There's one thing that's going to be for sure with this suit, though.

You're going to be a naked ______ (Insert term of your choice).Perfect your redneck accent and get ready for a heck of a time!

No one lives as free and easy as the folks from your holler, and your holler is the best around! You'll be hoot'n and holler'n all night long in this Morphsuit.

This funny bodysuit even has some tattoos that you can show off at any costume party you attend. Your tattoos cover the bases with a "Don't tread on me" snake and a lion.

We think that's a great combination. So, take a look through all the hillbilly accessories we have and choose the perfect ones to create your own hysterical character to debut this Halloween.

Slap a pair of shorts over this hilarious Morphsuit along with a hunting vest and a trucker hat or let it all hang out just as God intended! Hey, if Granny likes your style she might even give you some of her homemade moon shine.

We wouldn't suggest drinking it, people tend to go blind. But hey, it's still an honor to get free moon shine is the holler!


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