Adult Authentic Robin Costume

Adult Authentic Robin Costume

So you just moved to Gotham City, and youre hearing a lot about this Batman guy. Youve seen some of his handiwork, and you gotta say, youre pretty impressed.

We know what youre thinking, youd love to be that guys sidekick, his backup as he cleans up the streets for all the good people of the city you now love.Theres only one problem: Batman works alone.

Luckily, you have a couple of options if you still really really want to get on his (usually) one-man team: you can have your acrobat parents get murdered by one of Batmans nemeses (but this seems pretty gruesome, and besides, your parents are peacefully enjoying their retirement in Boca); you can use your super sleuth skills to figure out that Batman is really billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne (but, you dont have super sleuth skills..

.you work in IT); or, you can wear this Adult Authentic Robin Costume and fight crime on your own until Batman brings you under his.


wing. We think the last idea is the best one.

In this officially licensed Robin outfit, youll feel just like the Caped Crusaders apprentice every time your black cape flows dramatically behind you. This suit has foam muscle armor pieces (to accentuate how much youve been hitting the gym lately), and the bright red emblem across the chest will make sure that Batman himself will notice your arrival on the scene.

Were sure that in no time at all, youll be brought into the famous Batcave, introduced to Alfred, and be allowed to sit in (though never actually drive) the Batmobile. You can thank us later, after youre done saving the city a handful of times.

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